Golf Courses


Annecy is the capital of the Haute-Savoie and located only 1 hour away from all the most prestigious golf courses in the Mont Blanc region. A wonderful course located in Tailloires and overlooking the superb lac d'annecy. It is a small, straight course with lots of blind greens. 

A reasonably simple course surrounded by mountains, but physical and a par 68 over 5900m in a natural setting. Skill and precision are essential on this course.


25 Miles from Annecy & not far from Geneva. A beautiful, undulating course, surrounded by countryside. A championship course both long & difficult when played from the back tees. The big hitters can express themselves; the greens are vast, demanding & well protected. Rivers located in front of the greens make this difficult for players. It is an excellent course for all small handicaps. both beautiful and meticulously groomed, a real pleasure.


Located at the foot of Mont Blanc and 1 hour's drive from Annecy. A 6640 yard course (par 72) situated in what can only be described as breath-taking scenery. A Trent Jones classic: bunkers, rivers and water hazards; surrounded by mountains and large trees separating the fairways. It is a very high-quality golf course, fastidiously maintained. It is impossible to play this course and forget that we are playing at the heart of the Mont Blanc mountain.


Located south of Annecy, this undulating course is 6561 yards' long (par 71) and surrounded by woodland. The fairways are welcoming and the greens are large and a pleasure to play. Decorative water obstacles surround this beautiful course. There are 2 practice areas and a small 9 holer.


2 Courses: 

les Brocards - A 6744 yard course (Par 72) located in the countryside; very open and very welcoming.

Les Sangliers - A 6727 yard course (Par 75) which is one of the most beautiful in France.A famous course overlooking the "vieux Rhône" river. Wide fairways, large greens, bunkers and lots of water obstacles require a powerful and precise golfer. This is a course of high standards.


This is a rare and unforgettable course and, personally, I think one of the most beautiful in France not just because of its natural beauty but, also because of its technical nature. It is a course located on the outskirts of between the mountains of Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors. 

Originally designed by Trent Jones Jr, it's a difficult and technical course: Par 73 over more than 6200m, those with small handicaps will appreciate this course.

Aix Les Bains

Aix-les-Bains, is a town in the Savoie, located 20 minutes from Annecy The course itself is the oldest in the region and was "built" in 1936 with large fairways and vast greens; &. It is a small, restful course without difficulties and a beautiful old club house. There is a beautiful training area with 2 pitching and 2 putting greens. The grand fairways are bordered by large old trees and some water obstacles surrounding some holes.